NBA Second Round Picks

Well, I wasn't exactly successful in my picks. But here are my second round predictions:

Eastern Conference
Lebron over Celtics ressurrected corpse in 6
Orlando over Hawks in 5

Western Conference
Lakers over Jazz in 6
Spurs over Suns in 7

Place your picks in the comments! From Guilherme's tally from the first round I'm down 14-8.


  1. Celtics' last breath over Cavs in 6
    Orlando over Little Birds in 5

    Over-achieving Lakers over feel-good Jazz in 5
    Champs over too-bad-you-are-facing-the-champs' Suns in 6

  2. Fakers over Los Suns in 5
    Orlando over Boston in 6

    I'm picking against my heart, a pure emotional hedge. I will be rooting for the underdogs.

  3. Second thoughts:

    Fakers over Los Suns in 5
    Boston over Orlando in 6

  4. Ugh, I think I already lost. But in any case:

    Kobe over Nash in 6.
    Orlando over Boston in 7.


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