Santa Claus Speedo Run

While looking for races in the New England area, I came across the Santa Speedo Run, a mile-and-quarter long race through the streets of Boston. Yeah, a mile-and-quarter, or 2km, aren't exactly a lot. The catch is that the run I am supposed to be running wearing Speedos, shoes and a Santa Claus hat in the freezing cold of early Winter (December 11th, more specifically). My definition of awesome:

However, there is a small issue. The race is a charity run and each participant is expected to raise $250 in donations. And this is the point where I ask you for money. I think I can get 25 people to pledge $10 each. So my plan is to ask you for money. And so that I donate too, I'll add a $1 donation into the fund*, as an incentive to micro-donors. Also, if you are among one of my Brazilian friends and would rather donate there, I will match 25% that donation here, i.e., you donate $10 to some charity there and I'll personally donate $2.50 for the race here.

*Up to $50 total.

Now, some of you are already feeling warm and fuzzy and if that's the case, just shoot me an e-mail sending how much you are willing to donate. But if you need more incentive, here's what I promise to return for your kind donation:
  • I will actively circulate all the pictures and videos of me in the event. This includes all the pictures/video anyone takes and send to me. You'll be free to re-circulate them as you wish. You are essentially buying pictures of me wearing a red Speedo and a Santa hat. Yes, they are worth it because I am that hot.
  • For those that donate and are able to come and see me freeze my ass run live, first round is on me. Runners and friends gather after the race one of the bars at Boylston St and it is supposed to be a fun time.
  • I will stop shaving* from the day I reach $250 in pledges or October 15th, whichever comes last. This means the fastest I reach the target, the wilder the beard. Imagine that. Don't you feel you WANT those pictures more?
  • In case someone is willing to just donate the whole $250, I'll write whatever they want in my belly with glitter during the run, as long as it is a socially acceptable message.

 *apart from the cosmetic adjustments, for professional reasons.

This sounds like fun to you? Send me an e-mail with the amount you are willing to donate. DO NOT SEND ME MONEY YET. I am waiting on more details, including how to register, before I start collecting it. But I should be able to receive money even from the people that live abroad using Paypal later and I'll sort the details out. Needless to say, I'll cover all transaction fees.

I'll update as soon as I register for the race.