sexta-feira, abril 15, 2011

2011 NBA Playoff Picks - First Round

So here's the annual "place your bets" NBA playoff picks. Same point system from last year. Here are my first round guesses.

Eastern conference:
Chicago Bulls over Indiana in 5.
Miami over wat-we-in-playoffs-philly in 4.
Orlando over Atlanta in 7.
Perkinless Boston over Carmelosome Knicks in 6.

Western conference:
Borings over Grizzles in 5.
Zen Master over Zombie Chris Paul 5.
Nowitzki and no one else over the Blazers in 7.
Perkinsome OKC over Carmeloless Nuggets in 6.

11 comentários:

  1. Bulls over wtf-are-we-doing-here? Pacers in 4.
    Miami cHeat over happy-to-be-there Philly in 4.
    Orlando over Dirty Birds in 6.
    Who-ate-Rondo's-jump-shot? Celtics over Who-needs-a-bench? Knicks in 6.

    Mighty Spurs over Care Bears in 5.
    Fakers over David West-less Hornets in 4.
    Nowitzi-is-awesome Mavericks over Blazers in 6.
    OKC over Nuggets in 6.

    I think I put too many series ending in 6 (better seeded team winning last game on the road), but I'll stick to it.

  2. I jinxed for the lakers by calling Chris Paul a zombie. Rookie mistake.

  3. Bulls over Hawks in 7
    Miami cHeat over Boston in 6 (it breaks my heart to say it. Emotional hedge)

    OKC over Memphis Cinderellas in 5
    Fakers over Dallas in 5.

    I forgot how the points work, do you remember?

  4. Rose over Pachulia in 5.
    Big three over Big two and Chris Bosh in 7.

    Kobe edging Nowitzki in 6. This is going to be exciting, methinks.
    Durant+Perkins over We-knocked-the spurs-we-are-the-champions in 4.

  5. Hawks taking Bulls to 7? That's insane. No i don't remember the scoring system, we can figure that out looking at last year's posts, but let's just calculate after all is done.

  6. I'm not that excited over the Bulls. Will Hinrich play? Otherwise I will change my predictions.

  7. WTF just happened yesterday?

    How ironic would it be if the finals were Dallas x Miami?