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Connecting a Samsung ML 2525W printer to a Netgear N600 router with WPA2 security

So I was trying to post a fix for a problem I was having with a Samsung ML 2525W printer when I replaced the router. I found the solution but Samsung's support forum is impossible to deal with so I'm posting my solution here and hope that Google does its thing.

Problem: When I switched from a WEP old school router to a new router with WPA2 security. I was not able to get my Samsung ML 2525W printer to connect with my Netgear N600 WNDR3400 (WNDR3400v2 if you care).

Solution: Samsung has a firmware update buried in their support website. To install the firmware, unzip the contents of the download onto a folder and drag the fls file on top of the usblist2 application (both are on the unzip directory). Then wait for 5 mins, until your printer reboots by itself and you see the "ready" symbol again. Then try to make your printer connect to the network using the "Smart Panel" application that came with the printer. By the way, awesome non-descriptive name, Samsung. Way better than something like "Samsung Printer Configuration".

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  2. Thanks. It solved the problem I had for weeks

  3. These instructions above are for updating via USB

    If you want to update using the web based management console on the printer:

    Point your browser to your printer's IP address

    (can be found by going into the windows control panel - selecting printers - find your printer and right click on it - choose properties - click the ports tab - click configure port - copy the printer name or IP address and paste that in your browser)

    This brings you to the management console for the printer (in your browser)

    Update the firmware as follows:
    (do this at your own risk - up to you to verify the accuracy of these instructions)

    click the maintenance tab on the top bar
    click firmware upgrade on the left
    click browse and select the firmware file from the samsung download you unzipped

    (from instructions above - mine was ML2525_V1.01.00.88.fls)
    click upgrade and wait about 5min
    You will hear the printer make noise when it is about 2 minutes from being done

    Instructions for setting up WPA2 on the new firmware:

    How to Setup WPA2 on ML-2525W
    Choose Operation mode: infrastructure
    Authentication: WPA2-Personal
    Encryption TKIP+AES

    click Next - Apply